Dallaglio Cycle Slam 2021
25 April - 7 May 2021

Help us #BreakTheCycle through Spain and Portugal next year

Detailed by stage planners Ben Wilson and Rob Mauchlen

22nd June - Day One - Valencia to Oliva - Distance: 71km - Elevation: 158m

Stage 1 Graphic

71km / 158m
The first day will be a gentle introduction to the 2020 Slam, taking a predominantly flat and coastal route from southern Valencia to Oliva. With the conditions expected to be hot and sunny, this is a great way to experience what is ahead of us without putting too much stress on the system. Keeping the water on our left, we head south through some very picturesque countryside and orange groves.

23rd June - Day Two - Oliva to Alicante - Distance: 146km - Elevation: 2352m

Stage 2 Graphic

146km / 2352m
After a very gentle introduction to the coastal roads, today takes us inland and over some slightly more challenging terrain. Avoiding the heavily populated tourist areas along the coast, we explore some of the quieter areas of this part of Spain. As we head inland, we lose the orange groves and instead will be greeted by an abundance of olive groves and almond trees. We accumulate a lot of elevation today but that is mainly due to there not being much flat today and the climbs that we do encounter are not easy by any stretch of the imagination, they are also not so tough as to dim the enjoyment that today is bound to bring.

24th June - Day Three - Alicante to La Manga club - Distance: 101km - Elevation: 565m

Stage 3 Graphic

100km / 565m
Today sees us back along the coast and in the thick of the farming heartland once again. If you're a fan of polytunnels, today is the day for you as they stretch as far as the eye can see at some points during todays ride. The coastal roads are gently undulating but after yesterday, today will be a great relief and a chance to recuperate before we hit more hills tomorrow.

25th June - Day Four - La Manga club to Garrucha - Distance: 150km - Elevation: 1974m

Stage 4 Graphic

150km / 1974m
Another mainly coastal ride awaits us today along with some fantastic views. The coastal undulations are a little punchier today and again, we don't really get a great deal of flat. However, we do finish lower than we started, which will be nice.

26th June - Day Five - Garrucha to La Envia - Distance: 117km - Elevation: 2067m

Stage 5 Graphic

117km / 2067m
Unusually, for the final day of a stage, today is pretty tough. We head inland over some gentle undulations for the first 30km and then after a short descent, from 34km to 50km we are on our first long climb of the day. This will be a great leg loosener before we drop down and at 80km hit the main climb of the day, a gentle 23km long drag that promises to give some fantastic views and create some long lasting memories. On the plus side, once we hit 103km, it is downhill all the way to the hotel, well at least to the short climb that takes us to the hotel.

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