Dallaglio Cycle Slam 2018
27 May - 14 June 2018


Stage 3


112km / 366m

We head out of Udine into more farm land and vineyards for the first half of the ride, and whilst there are mountains on the horizon for most of the first 50km, we soon drop down to the Adriatic coast before Triest and follow it almost to the Slovenia border.  Here we soon pick up a bike lane and tunnel that takes the riders straight to the beautiful Slovenian coastal resort of Portoroz, which is a beautiful place.

day 11

138km / 2788m

Today sees us bid farewell to Slovenia as we enter our fifth country of the 2018 Dallaglio Cycle Slam, Croatia. We climb out of Slovenia and into the rolling green hills of Croatia where after hitting the climb out of Ucka, at 100m the highest we will go to this week, we drop down into Rijeka and follow the rolling coastal road around until we get to our fantastic hotel.

day 12

163km / 2344m

We have quite a long day ahead of us today but it is brilliantly punctuated by a ferry journey so it’s more like a 77km ride followed by an 84km ride after lunch.  We follow the stunning Croatian coastline as it undulates southwards before we get a ferry in Prizna to the island of Pag.  Not only is this a great way to break up the ride, it also knocks 40km off the original route so what’s not to like?! Once we get off the ferry and up and out of the port, we have a fantastic ride through the barren landscape of the island and to the hotel.

day 13 part 1

day 13 part 2

95km / 717m

After a long day in the saddle, today is much kinder.  After a lie-in we head south once more but head inland to experience real rural Croatia. Although there is a lack of lakes in this final stage, some of the countryside is fantastic and some of the farmland and villages are untouched since the war in the mid-90s.

day 14

96km / 1288m

Another short day, but a challenging one to complete the epic 2018 Dallaglio Cycle Slam. To keep the distance to a manageable level, we cut inland and take in some unspoiled but slightly hillier roads than the coast road.  The quiet lanes and fantastic views of the Adriatic and many Croatian islands will definitely be worth the effort before we drop down and take the coast road for the final 25km and to the finish line just outside of the ancient walls of Split.  

day 15

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