Dallaglio Cycle Slam 2018
27 May - 14 June 2018


Scott has been taking part in RugbyWorks now for over two years. When we first met Scott he was struggling at school with his anger issues and his behaviour was challenging to deal with. His RugbyWorks coaches established a range of cause factors, most notably a lack of confidence stemming from being overweight. He would often verbally abuse students and staff, sometimes leading to physical aggression towards other students, and several suspensions from school. 

Whilst taking part in the programme Scott has developed a huge interest in fitness. He now cycles to school every day, gets involved in the RugbyWorks sessions, chooses to be a part of the football team, enjoys going out on bike rides with his friends after school and the difference in his weight, and subsequent confidence is remarkable. The programme has not only benefitted Scott, but has also had a wider impact on his family – with all exhibiting a positive shifted approach towards physical activity, diet and overall attitude. 

Scott’s increased confidence has led to him becoming involved in further activities outside of RugbyWorks, and also taking on a bigger role within the team, including being captain. Scott is developing into a confident young man who can lead a team and have a positive influence on his peers, to both get involved in the programme, and help them develop within it. Scott actively gets involved in the workshops and openly discusses challenging issues in a mature and sensible way. Scott has also gone on to volunteer within the young firefighters outside of school and is really enjoying the experience.

Overall, Scott can still allow his anger to dominate his behaviour, but this has substantially subsided over the past two years and he is learning to control this. Scott was also proud to have recently completed his GCSEs and is now hoping to attend Trinity Academy for a construction course. He has become extremely focused, and has matured into a bright confident young man with the potential to do very well in his life.

Ryan started the RugbyWorks programme in Ferndale Community School struggling with an aggressive temperament, a severe lack of engagement in lessons, and nearing full time exclusion from his school. Though uninterested in any form of teamwork, with a consistent year of support from his RugbyWorks coaches, Ryan has slowly shifted his perception of this, and all areas of his behaviour have subsequently improved. 

Through a tailored intervention focussed around assigning Ryan responsibility during RugbyWorks sessions, alongside a series of employability opportunities with the Houses of Parliament and Bidvest 3663, Ryan’s future is looking much brighter. He now plays an active role in lessons, and has his sights set on college where he hopes to undertake a BTEC course in Mechanics.

But don’t just take our word for the difference RugbyWorks, and you as a valued supporter, have made in Ryan’s life, this is what his teacher Mrs Evans had to say:

“Ryan has developed into a mature young man who is polite and conscientious. Such a different Ryan from two years ago. Ryan was struggling with school, struggling with rules and regulations and struggling with authority. Coming onto the Dallaglio [Foundation programme] was the best thing that could have happened to Ryan. The change in him is remarkable. Staff at school can’t get over the change in him. He is conscientious about his school work and trying hard to pass his GCSE’s. He used to bunk lessons, now he’s one of the first there and always taking part. His manner and attitude have changed no end. Being his form tutor for three years I remember the old Ryan and seeing how much he’s turned things around, makes me very pleased that we chose him for [RugbyWorks].”

Abigail began her third year of RugbyWorks with a bang, successfully applying for a jewellery craft apprenticeship with the UK’s largest quality jeweller, Goldsmiths.  After a gruelling series of phone and formal interviews, Abigail finally got the good news having just completed a three-day trial in the heart of central London.  “I’m so happy and so is my Grandad,” said Abigail, of her guardian. “He’s so proud. Thank you to everyone at Dallaglio RugbyWorks.”

Abigail joined RugbyWorks in our very first term. She knew she had trouble controlling her anger and was excluded from school for behaviour issues. At first, this anger would seep into her sessions with us. But Abigail kept working at it, busily embracing the programme and attending employability sessions with the likes of Google, Hampstead Heath police station, Shell and Burberry.

It’s not just jewellery-making that’s proved a positive outlet for Abigail – she’s enjoyed the rugby so much that’s she’s now hoping to play for Hampstead Heath RFC. Her all-round effort has delighted her coaches and in July she deservedly scooped ‘Most Improved Young Person’ at the RugbyWorks Awards.

Lawrence always says “You are what you’re exposed to.” Abigail, who, not content with her achievements so far, wants to volunteer for future charity events, seems the perfect embodiment of that mantra.

“Under her own admission, Abi had a lot of aggression when she started RugbyWorks and the sessions helped her to release this each week. Despite her struggles, she threw herself into everything and began to focus on the future which culminated in her winning the Most Improved Young Person at our 2016 Awards. I’m so pleased that Abi has secured her apprenticeship – she has a real talent and a bright future ahead of her.” Will Smith, Dallaglio RugbyWorks Coach

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