Dallaglio Cycle Slam 2018
27 May - 14 June 2018


We measure our impact through three mediums: 

1. Teacher Questionnaires: Using a Short Term Outcome Matrix
We believe that the best way to measure the main changes in young people’s behaviour over each year is through teacher questionnaires.  However, to ensure the teacher’s leveling of young people is more consistent, as one person’s perception is often is different to another’s, we have aligned the questions with a Short Term Outcome Matrix meaning teachers have clear examples of what young people need to be doing to reach each level.

2. Coaches Diaries: Using an online form and the Short Term Outcome Matrix
Coach’s diaries are written after each session and contain notes on what was delivered, how it went and how individuals responded and behaved.  These diaries enable Coaches to review what worked with each young person in order to plan for future sessions.  

3. Employability Passport: collating information on all the measurable activities young people take part in and tools they are developing to make them work ready
We have created a Passport for the young people to guide them through necessary preparation for entering the world of work.  These include, a professional online presence (such as a Linked In profile), a CV, willing referees and recognition of interview practice and public speaking experience.

Some highlights include:
• 96% of our young people who have left the PRU system have engaged in further study. This compares to the National statistic of 93.1% of 16 year olds leaving mainstream education. This gives us a strong early indicator that we are heading towards a sustained’ state

• Young people who attend RugbyWorks regularly frequently show significant improvements in behaviour

• 18% of our 2016 school leavers have secured an Apprenticeship against National backdrop of just 6% of apprenticeship applicants in mainstream education.

The impact RugbyWorks is having on our young people is proving clear to see in the eyes of those not only closest to them, family, teachers, support workers but also others such as employers like Halfords, Bidvest Logistics, Burberry and Lexington Catering. Our young people are beginning to understand the impact of their experience which includes equipping them with the necessary life skills and reducing the negative perception held of them. Over and above the reports of changed attitudes and behaviours, we’re already starting to see the real world benefits for our participants and for society from this three year programme.

RugbyWorks Impact Report

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